Linn Klimax Solo – paar

Bjorn Mateijsen Occasion/ex-demo


Te Koop: Linn Klimax Solo zilver – paar

Adviesprijs: 21,360 euro
demo prijs: 11,000 euro

De referentie mono-versterkers van Linn. Klimax is de ultieme eindversterker met Chakra technologie en 500w per kanaal beschikbaar. Hele mooie, snelle versterking in een prachtige kast die wordt gefreesd uit 1 blok aluminium. Dit zijn de huidige modellen, compleet met dozen en accessoires en komen met 2 jaar garantie.

Klimax Solo
Effortless power from the ultimate monoblock amplifier
Power amps don’t get any better than this. Defying conventional thinking, Linn ditched the bulk and inefficiency of traditional amps in favour of a fresh approach when we developed our reference monoblock amplifier — and nearly two decades of continuous development have kept the Solo at the top of the tree.

The discrete bipolar design is unique to the Solo and uses Linn’s famous Dynamik switch mode power supply to deliver 500 W of effortless, instant power across the entire frequency range.

Combine two Solos for truly exceptional stereo amplification or build the ultimate music system using individual Solos for each loudspeaker drive unit in a fully Aktiv set-up, connected to Klimax Exaktboxes.

  • Single channel power amp
  • 500 W output power (into 4 Ω)
  • Discrete bipolar design developed specifically for the Solo
  • Specific Dynamik Power Supply design
  • Precision-engineered enclosure machined from solid aluminium
  • Separate ‘rooms’ for power and audio circuit boards provide electrical and mechanical isolation
  • Energy saving automatic signal-sensing circuitry
  • Fault detection and protection against excessive loads