REL Q201E subwoofer

Bjorn Mateijsen Occasion/ex-demo

Te Koop: REL Q201E subwoofer

Occasion prijs: 300 euro REL Q201E

Wij hebben een REL Q201E ingeruild, helaas had de klant geen doos meer beschikbaar.
Subwoofer is in zeer goede staat.

– True 200W (continuous] discrete direct-coupled MOSFET amplifier
– Forward-firing 250mm (10″), long-throw, heavy-duty driver with 7.6 kg magnet and 4 layer edge-wound voice-coil
– Refined ABC® infinitely variable crossover adjustment from 26 to 106 Hz
– Four position mode selector: line/LFE (0 degrees phase and 180 degrees phase)
– Audiophile grade toroidal transformer
– Gas-tight Neutrik high level connection for long-term consistency of sound quality
– High quality, panel-mounted twin phono inputs at 0dB and +12dB (low level)
– Totally discrete input circuitry for high and low level inputs
– Separate volume controls for high and low-level input adjustment