Hifi+ review Lindemann musicbook:25 DSD

Garmt van der Zel Nieuws

Hifi+ review – In de Hifi+ van november 2016 verscheen een prachtige test van de Lindemann musicbook:25 DSD streamer/CD-speler/voorversterker.

Klein maar groots

Alan Sircom test uitgebreid dit model en komt tot de volgende conclusie:

“The Musicbook:25 DSD is a remarkable streamer/DAC/preamp for the size and price. It’s an ‘all this and brains too’ product for anyone looking to get involving sounds from all manner of sources. Pair it with some active speakers and you have a compact, well thought out, and beautifully executed sound system that will dispel any notions that bigger equals better when it comes to the search for audio ecstasy.”


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Hifi+ Lindemann Musicbook:25 DSD