Harbeth P3ESR Stereonet review

Garmt van der Zel Nieuws


Harbeth P3ESR Stereonet review – De Harbeth P3ESR heeft een mooi review gekregen op de website Stereonet. In dit review wordt de P3ESR vergeleken met een originele Rogers LS3/5a. Interessant om te lezen!

Enkele quotes:

“The Harbeths preserved the tracks [from Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks] insistent intensity that was punctuated only by the rise and fall of the music’s tempo. An example of working dynamic response to savour for the long haul. The effect via the Harbeths was as mesmerizing as hearing Ravel’s Bolero.”


“The Harbeths, make no mistake, have a level of neutrality and transparency that would satisfy most audiophiles.

Moreover, they have a tonal balance that is audibly more natural than that of the Rogers. Their slightly warmer presentation and greater smoothness significantly in the treble, suggest the Harbeths are an easier speaker to live with and deservedly will attract a wider audience.”

Bezoek de website met het review via deze link of download de PDF.