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Mark Levinson No.585 review in Hifi+

Garmt van der Zel Nieuws

Hifi+ 136 coverIn Hifi+ nr. 136 van Juni 2016 staat een prachtig review van de Mark Levinson No.585! Een paar ‘quotes’… Hier eentje over de ingebouwde DAC, die absoluut niet onderschat moet worden!

“This thing sings! It requires no excuses or apologies, no claims as regards value for money. This thing is just plain great, with a fundamentally musical quality that is right at the heart of and
perfectly matched to the performance of the 585 as a whole.”

En nog meer over de geweldige prijs/kwaliteitsverhouding:

“This is the heart and soul of a genuinely great, genuinely highend
system: just add source components and speakers, and you’ll end up with a set up that doesn’t just stand head and shoulders above its peers, it will easily better many bigger more complex, more ambitious, and far more expensive rigs.”

De No.585 is echter ook uitgesproken muzikaal:

“There’s a rightness and completeness, a coherence, and authority to its delivery that renders the musical performance separate from the system recreating it and actively encourages listening. It’s elegant, versatile, and utterly unflappable, allowing you to enjoy what it does without worrying about (or even noticing) how it does it.”

De eindconclusie:

“One amp to live with, in sickness and in health? Right now, the 585 is it!”

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Hifi+ review ML NO.585